The New Buzz in Office Coolers

CHASELLA , the leading alternative investment firm serving the twenty-first century real estate industry, is excited to announce its investment in Boston-based company Bevi, producer of the healthiest drink machine on the market. The Bevi is a “smart” water cooler that helps you create your own flavored and sparkling drinks, a “one-stop shop for cold beverages.”

CHASELLA Managing Partner Jim Kaplan and Bevi CEO Sean Grundy met in New York this past summer. “I was incredibly impressed with Sean,” recalled Jim. “He is a poised leader who is sincere and thoughtful about the way he builds his business and his relationships. Given how much fluff there is out there, I found that extremely refreshing.”

According to Jim, CHASELLA got involved with Bevi for obvious reasons: “It’s such an awesome product, every office in America is going to want one! For us, it was a no brainer.” Over the past several generations, CHASELLA has developed out thousands of residential units, as well as commercial real estate properties across the tri-state area. Regarding his experience in this area, Jim added: “I think that Bevi is also a very timely innovation, especially in the market they are going after. Employee satisfaction, and, specifically, worker health, is a big area of study right now – both in research and industry. It is scientifically proven that happy, healthy workers are productive workers. Bevi presents a beautifully streamlined solution to help support this growing area of interest in making sure that people are nourished and well taken care of in the workplace.”

Regarding CHASELLA’s involvement with Bevi, CEO Sean Grundy said: “Jim has been an extremely supportive investor to Bevi. Most investors start meetings by asking how the business is going. Jim’s first question is how he can help. Whether our needs are strategic (e.g. creating incentive programs for sales referrals) or tactical (e.g. finding an office in NYC), Jim and the Chasella team have been attentive and quick to assist.” Check out for more information.