Diversification: Direct-to-Consumer Retail

CHASELLA , the leading alternative investment firm serving the twenty-first century real estate industry, is excited to announce its investment in Dagne Dover , a sophisticated new retail brand that creates organized, stylish and functional handbags for the high-powered woman on-the-go.

“This company is clearly not in the real estate product or service space,” said CHASELLA Managing Partner Jim Kaplan. “However, the reality is, as an investor – at the end of the day, you know that with any company, you are really investing in people . And Dagne Dover’s stellar team was what convinced me to get involved. You’ve got CEO Melissa [Mash], who came to me with an enormous sense of purpose in her vision for the company. She also has experience in fashion to back it up, having spent several years at Coach. CFO Deepa[Gandhi] is super smart and quick, and has forged wonderful relationships with the brand’s manufacturing partners. Creative Director Jessy [Dover] is the visionary who dreams up all of their fashion-forward products. From sample board to truly tangible, Jessy has the ability to bring her creations to life in a big way. They really are a Dream Team.”

Dagne Dover CEO Melissa Mash held a similar view of her first meeting with Kaplan: “Jim was an early supporter of Dagne at a time when our initial supporters and investors were from our friends and family network. He quickly embraced our team and our brand. He has continually demonstrated an eagerness to help us grow our brand and support us, as is demonstrated by his thoughtfulness in bringing his talented team in as a resource for all CHASELLA portfolio companies.”

Kaplan added that all CHASELLA companies funded or incubated internally (such as Vanguard Global Realty ) are heavily reliant on people and relationships: “One thing I have always loved about the real estate industry – from the traditional side to the technological – is that it is a wonderfully creative community of people . That’s what this business boils down to. I have seen stellar teams succeed with mediocre ideas, and I have also seen groundbreaking companies fall apart simply because the wrong people were behind them. In rare but ideal situations, you find just the right balance of both.”