New Addition To Smart Homes Investment Series

CHASELLA , the leading alternative investment firm serving the twenty-first century real estate industry, is excited to announce its investment in Boston-based company Ecovent , leading new-generation smart home technology that enables room-by-room climate control. Ecovent was named Automation Product of the Year at CES 2015, and has struck a chord with consumers, already going to market with over $1M generated in pre-sales.

“We decided to invest in Ecovent because they have a fabulous product that will find enormous success within the real estate development community,” commented Jim Kaplan, Managing Partner of CHASELLA, and newly-minted member of the advisory board at Ecovent. “But, beyond that, simply put – Dip Patel is quite possibly the most inspiring, brilliant, charismatic leader around. People will follow him. You just know he’s got it.”

“From the second I met Jim,” added Dip, “(and I was late since my train was delayed) he gave me all his attention and immediately opened up. He’s got tremendous experience and talent, but he’s approachable and genuine. He’s super engaged, always makes time and truly cares. So, he’s smart,experienced and a good dude. Pretty much the trifecta.”

Ecovent is the newest addition to the CHASELLA Smart Homes Investment Series – an organic extension to the portfolio, which builds upon the vast residential and commercial development experience shared between the firm’s partners. On larger trends he sees in Smart Homes, Jim Kaplan said: “It’s a very exciting time to be involved with smart home technology. By utilizing the highest evolution of engineering within residential and commercial applications, end users and landlords alike will absolutely feel the impact of using products created by companies like Ecovent. The implementation cost is comparatively low, and the possibilities for energy conservation and value generation are limitless.”