Diversification: Commercial Brokerage & Advisory

CHASELLA , the leading alternative investment firm serving the twenty-first century real estate industry, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with a new player in the commercial real estate brokerage and advisory space, Vanguard Global Realty .

Vanguard Global Realty was founded by formidable commercial real estate broker and industry veteran, Jordan Mandel , formerly of Vortex and Cushman & Wakefield. “We wanted to design and launch a firm in commercial real estate that had more of a focus on process for brokers and clients as opposed to output ,”stated Mandel. “We also worked hard to create more transparent survey and negotiation processes. Most commercial real estate brokerage firms are not interested in sharing the origination of fees or in partnering with other firms through open information exchanges, so we felt that the industry was ripe for an improvement. One of Vanguard’s main core values stipulates that we operate in an ethical mode of brokerage and advisory. In CHASELLA, Vanguard has found an ideal partner at the administrative, operations and financial levels. “Working with Jim and the CHASELLA team has enabled VGR to quickly reach milestones that we could never have otherwise achieved.”

Since its launch in August 2015, Vanguard has experienced rapid growth across the various business verticals it serves. “It has been very inspiring,” added CHASELLA Managing Partner, Jim Kaplan. “Jordan saw a glaring problem in the current market, and together we have created a solution. We believe that Vanguard’s growing reputation lies in its earnest approach to cultivating long-term relationships, in its fairness and dedication to doing good business, and in its team’s ability to adapt and fit each client’s unique needs.”

Vanguard Global Realty’s services range from finding clients new space at a superior cost savings, to running optimization processes on clients’ current spaces to prevent underutilization, with an aim to discover the maximum value that clients can extract from their office environments. Vanguard Global Realty is the latest addition to the CHASELLA roster of strategic partners. Incubated from within the investment firm, Vanguard falls directly within CHASELLA’s investment trajectory. CHASELLA focuses on products and services that serve and can be brought to market through its residential and commercial real estate distribution channels across the United States.