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Jim Kaplan
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
With 20+ years experience in real estate development and investment, Jim co-founded CHASELLA in 2011, specifically focused on the intersection of real estate, hospitality and emerging technology. He is an advisor to several early-stage companies, including Bevi, EquityZen and TripleMint, working closely with their teams to help maximize efficiency and growth.
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Steve Kaplan
Co-Founder, Special Advisor
Steve Kaplan is widely regarded as an innovator in the commercial and residential real estate industry, with over 40 years of development and investment experience. At CHASELLA, Steve serves as a co-founder and Special Advisor to the team and portfolio companies.
Amanda von Goetz
Amanda von Goetz (known as “AvG”) is a Juilliard-trained pianist, an MIT-hacker and active startup founder. She serves as an advisor to numerous startups in and around New York and Boston.
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